Tinker Andreas

We think that it’s high time you got to know us a bit better. To that end we would like to start by introducing Andreas, who is a master of our back-end and is also the office’s atomic physicist. Andreas became a Tinker at the beginning of the year and has previously worked as a developer of stock market systems.

What do you do at Tink?

I primarily work with our back-end, which means that I ensure that everything you see is based on the right figures. I make sure that we retrieve correct data from the banks and that it is sorted in a correct and smart way. So far I have placed most focus on our categorisation engine, which enables the system to recognise your transactions and automatically divide them up into different groups. This means that you can more easily gain an overview of what you are spending your money on.

Are there any similarities between developing large stock market systems and working at Tink?

Absolutely! Security always comes first at Tink, and that was also the case at my old job. We work with large amounts of sensitive data, so nothing can be allowed to go wrong, and we treat all our data with the utmost of care.

So what should we know about you?

I love to go tenting during the week!

Who or what inspires you?

A person once said to me that if you put two programmers in a room with one whiteboard then absolutely anything can happen. I am inspired by exactly that attitude, that you should not allow yourself to be limited in your thinking but should instead believe that it’s possible to create a great many things that don’t seem possible at first.

What is the best thing about working with a new product?

The fact that you’re involved from the very beginning and that you can be creative and are breaking new ground. Simply put, that you are involved with something that impacts on the company’s development.

What is your best recommendation about a non-job-related app?

The Swedish app “Bonde på köpet”. It’s an app that scans barcodes on food in stores in order to identify if the food comes from Swedish farmers or not.

What is your best expense?

Well … I like SVT, so I guess I have to say the Swedish TV license (519 SEK).

Helena Månsson