The new face of Tink

We are now starting to get seriously close to the launch of our much-awaited iPhone app. The work with the app also marks the start of a new design orientation for the entire service. Here are some answers to questions about this from Per, the Design Manager at Tink.

What has been most important in the design work?

I can see a point in basing the design work on the mobile platform’s requirements in relation to simplicity and focus, especially for a potentially complicated area like finance. It has therefore been extremely liberating and important to be able to work on the basis of the needs of a person as a mobile user of Tink, rather than trying to cram in all the same functionality that the website can accommodate.

What challenges are involved in designing a finance-related service?

Financial transactions and statistics contain so much information that the task of the design process is primarily to simplify and clarify, rather than account for each and every detail. The depth is there, but only if the user actually requests it. From a purely visual perspective we work with clear, distinct colours with concrete meanings and purposes, which we hope will make it easier to achieve the overview-ability we are striving after.

What are you looking forward to right now?

Personally I hope that the design of our upcoming app will be one of the reasons why our users’ finances will suddenly seem brighter, clearer and more fun. We are really looking forward to being able to show everyone the rest of the app!

Helena Månsson