Yuliia's Stockholm story


Yuliia's Stockholm story

This week Tink is hosting @movetostockholm at Twitter, to show the world who we are and what Stockholm is for us. During the week you'll be able to read three different mini interviews with talents at Tink, who all followed their hearts and moved to Stockholm! 

This is Yuliia, who came all the way to Stockholm from Kyiv! Living in the suburbs north of Stockholm, her joy in life comes in shape of doing yoga, travelling, hiking and snowboarding during the winter (did you know there are ski slopes right in the city of Stockholm?). Here's Yuliias Stockholm story:

Why did you move to Stockholm, Yuliia?
Well, my husband got a job here so we moved here together. Before finding Tink I studied software developing and worked as a developer in Ukraine.

What are your favourite things about Stockholm?
I love that it's not too crowded everywhere and the well working infrastructure. Although I have trouble coping with the cold weather and that it's kind of expensive, people here are so polite and kindhearted. Also it's amazing with all the water in the middle of the city!

What's your advice to someone thinking about moving here?
Never be afraid, just do it! Stockholm is a beautiful city and Sweden's got a great social protection for their people.

These are the neighborhoods of Tink! Yuliia is standing in the most beautiful courtyard in Stockholm – Centralbadet. Just a blink away from noisy Drottninggatan, in there you'll find a spa, cozy restaurants and bars.