Jonatan's Stockholm story


Jonatan's Stockholm story

This week Tink is hosting @movetostockholm at Twitter, to show the world who we are and what Stockholm is for us. During the week you'll be able to read three different mini interviews with talents at Tink, who all followed their hearts and moved to Stockholm!

Say hello to Jonatan, one of those at Tink who left home for Stockholm! In his case home is Åland, a group of islands close to Sweden but part of Finland. When Jonatan is not at the office, he's having a good time with friends, riding his bike all over town and doing some wakeboarding among other sports from time to time. Here's his Stockholm story:

Why did you move to Stockholm, Jonatan?
It was a pretty easy decision to make – it's a city full of possibilities! Before Tink I was studying app developing for about one year here in Stockholm and worked at a digital advertising agency. Suddenly I got headhunted by Fredrik (Hedberg, CTO & co-founder of Tink) and the fact that the company is a tight, small crew building a huge product with an amazing potential, compelled me to join the team.

What are your favourite things about Stockholm?
I believe I live in the best part of the city – Södermalm! There are so many nice places to go to over there. Especially since the eating-out-culture is booming right now in Stockholm, because of the high frequency of new restaurants and bars opening up. Other than that it feels awesome to live in a city that's ahead of it's startup scene with a lot of cool and successful companies. The great night life and the easiness of being able to go everywhere in town within a couple of minutes by bike doesn't make it worse!

What's your advice to someone thinking about moving here?
Stockholm is a wonderful city to explore as a newcomer. But let it take some time to get to know it all – it's a city getting better and better the longer you're staying.

These are the neighborhoods of Tink! Jonatan is standing in front of Spökslottet (the Haunted Castle) at the end of Drottninggatan. Way back the owner Baltzar Knigge was related to a number of ghost stories and disappeared tombs, which has not yet been found.