Tink beta is here!

Now, finally, the much-awaited (?) public beta version of Tink is here! After 2 months of internal testing, we would now like to invite you to join in the testing of our service. In the beta version we are now launching:

  • Retrieval of data from Sweden’s 12 largest banks and credit card companies
  • Automatic categorisation of all transactions
  • Budget function that automatically follows up on the actual results vs. the budgets that you have set

We are really looking forward to your feedback, be it positive or negative, and regardless of what it concerns. We are also delighted that we have now received such nice pictures, retouched and ready for use, from E&W (even though it does look as if Jon (to right) is sleeping while he stands - doesn’t it?!). The pictures will now be uploaded to the website.

Daniel Kjellén