Hello from the development team!

It is now almost four months since we released our beta version. We have received a lot of valuable feedback and we are now working flat out to improve and further develop Tink. Without wanting to get too technical about things, we’d like to highlight three changes that have taken place during these months.

1. More banks

After receiving requests to do so, we have now added Sparbanken Öresund and SAS Mastercard. At present it is possible for Tink to retrieve account information and transactions from Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Danske Bank, Skandiabanken, ICA-banken, Länsförsäkringar, Sparbanken Öresund, Avanza, Nordnet, American Express, SAS Mastercard, SAS American Express and Eurocard. And we are continuing work on extending this list still further, so that you will be able to connect all your accounts to Tink.

2. New category tree

We have updated our category tree since it had become apparent that certain categories were missing and that some others belonged to the wrong main category. We have now made a couple of adjustments, which we hope will make it easier to work with the category tree. For example, we have added new categories like Children and Expenses. We have also made it possible to remove a transaction from graphs and statistics by selecting Exclude. We hope this will be useful when, for example, there are large one-off costs involved.

3. More transactions

For a number of banks and credit cards, including Swedbank, Nordea and American Express, we have expanded the retrieval capacity and can now present historical transactions up to 5 years back in time. We hope this will provide you with a better overview and a more complete picture of your private finances via Tink.

We will continue to work full steam ahead during the summer, and in the autumn we will have a lot of new and exciting things to present, so we hope that you are with us then!

But until then we’d like to wish everyone a fantastic summer!


Helena Månsson