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Get paid to help us ensure the quality of our product

Thanks to our 90+ Ambassadors all over Europe, Tink is already live in 9 countries. Now we need your help to develop and ensure the quality of our product in your market, to create a world where managing money is effortless and rewarding.

The hours are flexible to suit your schedule!

Provide specific bank services for Tink to use in testing and development

Share market specific insights

Evaluate market specific parameters in our app


Become an Ambassador

I have a Credit Card
I have a Mortgage
I have a Loan
I have an Investment account
I have a Savings account

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Our Ambassador program
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Read through additional information

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You may wonder…

What’s in it for me?

  • The more services you provide us, the more you’ll get paid
  • Be part of a fast growing company in the exciting fintech industry
  • Receive first hand updates on Tink’s progress all over Europe
  • Be the first to try our app in your market
  • International experience added to your resume

Read more about our expansion plans here

What are the requirements?

You need to be owner of a credit card and a mortgage or loan.

What can I expect from the BETA app (when released)?

The BETA version of our app makes it possible to collect all your banks in one place, to fetch and see your transactions, to set up budgets and savings goals – and you'll hopefully gain some new financial insights!

I have more questions!

Please contact us at ambassador@tink.com or by using the support chat within the app.


Goal: Get an overview 
of your finances

Collect all your
banks and cards in one app

Get your transactions
analysed and categorised

Keep track of your spendings
- now and over time

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Like most people, before using Tink I didn’t know where all my money went. With Tink I get a very simple overview of my spendings

Wouter V. from Belgium


We’re here to help you

You can of course email us at any time!
Please send your feedback, thoughts or questions to ambassador@tink.com

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Just as secure as your bank

Tink always require a secure authentication, and all data will be encrypted at all times. Our app is used by more than 500 000 people across Europe – and the technology we provide is being used by several big European banks. Read all about our Integrity Policy here

Tink uses the same type of security standards as the world’s leading banks and is certified and protected by VeriSign. Tink AB is ISO-certified in information security and all data is encrypted with advanced encryption.


I’ve always kept my finances in order - Tink just saves me a lot of time to do so. You should try Tink to feel how comfy banking can be!

Tobias K. from Germany